2014 Scholarship Recipient is Kelsey Dalton

KelseyDaltonKelsey Dalton is the 2nd recipient of the Lori Lieberman Scholarship Fund.

She has been involved in American Sign Language during her high school years. Kelsey is not a deaf or hard of hearing student but is passionate about pursuing a degree in education with deaf and hard of hearing as her focus.

Kelsey has been involved in a variety of activities while attending high school ranging from cross-country to National Honor Society to her school’s award winning yearbook.

As Kelsey mentions in her essay:

My end goal as I go about studying is to become a teacher for deaf children and be able to help teach them the basic skills they need so they are able to accomplish what they want to. Having taken ASL the past 4 years of high school has given me a passion to go forward to teach the language to children as a teacher. I want to be able to give opportunity to children who need help and want to learn all that they can so they are able to live their lives to the fullest and be able to excel in all they want to do and want to become. Al l I’ve wanted to do is make an impact in what I want to be doing and make a difference in the children’s lives that I will possibly be teaching and helping along the way.

Congratulations Kelsey!

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