Paula Lieberman

Dick and I welcomed Lori into the world and our lives, at 3:06 A.M. on July 16, 1969.  Lori was a beautiful baby with dark curly hair and beautiful dark blue eyes. We always teased Lori that when she was born, that was the only time she was early to anything.  She arrived two  Read More

Amy Polich

I first met Lori nearly 20 years ago, courtesy of her little brother.  As it is with the Lieberman family, she welcomed me like I was part of the fold.  In the years that passed, she became my daughter’s nanny/tutor, my house-sitter, my cat-sitter, and most importantly, my  Read More

Katie Rhoten


I still remember the very day I met Lori.  It was in 1990 at the University of Northern Colorado. Lori moved into Lawrenson Hall early and was not one of the roommates I had already communicated with prior to arriving on campus. Lori was originally in overflow housing, but one  Read More